We help businesses increase productivity and reduce IT costs with Microsoft cloud solutions.We are a consulting business in Hong Kong that helps companies deploy SharePoint and Office 365. We provide end-to-end implementation and support services including Office 365 onboarding, email and data migration, SharePoint configuration and development, training and end-user support.  Whether you're just starting out and planning to grow, or you've just had enough of maintaining your own IT infrastructure, we'll help you get on to the Office 365 platform and make the absolute most out of it, supporting you all the way.

Our Work

We believe SharePoint is a viable platform for applying structure and automation to the basic business processes that most businesses deal with.

Customer Relationship Management - Born Solutions - Hong Kong

If you're not quite ready for the likes of Salesforce or Dynamics CRM Online, but you need a better way to manage customer information, SharePoint may provide the solution. If your customer data is decentralized or confined to spreadsheets, migrating it to SharePoint can provide the foundation for a flexible basic CRM system that can easily be tailored to meet business needs

Born Solutions - SharePoint - Hong Kong

For basic HR management needs, SharePoint can provide a flexible platform tailored to the needs of your HR staff, and one that can easily be integrated with the Employee Self Service (ESS) functions that SharePoint may already being leveraged for.

Born Solutions - SharePoint - Hong Kong

A Employee Self Service (ESS) system allows employees to serve themself when it comes to accessing their own records, maintaining their contact details, making standard requests, and submitting needed documents and other information. With all employees having access to and being familiar with SharePoint, it's logical to use it to provide the ESS system.

Born Solutions - SharePoint - Hong Kong - Project Management

Managing projects is about much more than defining and scheduling tasks. It's about managing project information and related documents. It's about collaboration and communication between project teams. It's about tracking risks and issues, and keeping everyone informed about objectives and priorities. SharePoint is an ideal platform to use as a project management information system (PMIS) with all of these capabilities.

What Our Clients Say

Born Solutions team was quick to grasp the needs of our bespoke commission; not afraid to ask for clarification when not certain; and delivered the project to the precise promised timeline, at a budget which worked for us. Beyond this, they have been very responsive to our enquiries. We are a new company, and their advice has been invaluable; their perfect delivery sets a very high bar for future projects.

James Rose Chief Executive - Panoptic Europe