CQR is a powerful reminder system that is able to perform user-defined queries against your SharePoint Online content on a scheduled basis, and notify people via email when specified conditions exist. Queries are defined using CAML (Collaborative Application Markup Language) making CQR the most flexible and powerful notification system available for SharePoint Online.

Reminder Examples that one can create:

  • Overdue task(s)
    This commonly used reminder is easy to implement using a simple query that tests for items from any Tasks list on all sites where the due date is before today’s date and the task status is not set to “Completed” nor “Deferred”. Reminder notifications go to the person or people assigned to the task.
  • Follow-up action required This reminder can be used with lists, such as an “Opportunities” list, or a “Prospects” list that have been setup to handle a follow-up cycle until an item is closed or business is won. With this example, a simple approach is used where someone would be expected to take follow-up action on a regular basis and record that action with the list item.
  • Contract up for renewal If you have document library where customer contracts are stored, this reminder can be used to notify the author of the contract that the contract will expire within the next month so that they can draw up and secure a new customer contract in a timely manner.
  • Invoice payment overdue If invoices are stored in a document library, this reminder can be setup with the library containing a column called Due Date, and one called Payment Received Date, the latter being updated when the customer has settled their invoice. The query checks for Due Date in the past and Payment Received Date not filled in, and notifies the Financial Controller and the person who created the invoice.
  • Monthly report overdue This simple reminder queries a document library for the existence of a document updated within the last 30 days and issues a reminder if nothing is found. This reminder is useful if a monthly report is expected to be published to the library every month.
  • Invoice not issued for a completed project
  • Invoice exists for a cancelled project
  • Last week’s timesheet data not entered
  • Payment due

CQR is installed as a SharePoint App on a site of your choosing and is granted permission to access content across the current site collection. A standard SharePoint list called Reminder Definitions is created on the CQR App site into which reminder definitions are entered.

Defining a new reminder

Create a new reminder definition using the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the site where the CQR App is installed.
  2. Under settings, choose Site Contents.
  3. Click the Content Query Reminders tile to open the Reminder Definitions list.
  4. Click new item.
  5. Enter details for the reminder definition and save the item.

Contact us to get your CQR App, or if you need help setting up reminder definitions. We’ll even help you define your CAML queries for free.

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