With all the flexibility and power that comes with SharePoint, and the availability of useful SharePoint apps in the marketplace, there are still times when building a custom SharePoint app is the most sensible way to approach a business need. We’ll advise you on your best approach, and if it’s a custom app, we’ll build it for you.

We use Azure to host all of our apps components, and with that come availability and scalability.

Ask us about these apps that we’ve developed that are ready to be deployed to your site:

  • Site Creator – Enable site creation from any list, such as a projects list or customers list, with navigation from the list item.
  • Image Resizer – Resize images after they’ve been uploaded to a picture library.
  • Content Query Reminder – The most powerful email notification system out there with the ability to define advanced content queries.
  • List Synchronizer – Keep list items on different sites synchronized.
  • Content Rollup – Display KPIs based on content from subsites, for example, next milestone, worst case risk, latest finish date.

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