For basic HR management needs, SharePoint can provide a flexible platform tailored to the needs of your HR staff. And, if you’re leveraging SharePoint for Employee Self Service (ESS)¬†functions, HR and ESS go well together. For example, if HR staff maintain employee information such as leave entitlement, then reporting on or validating against employee leave entitlement¬†is easy.

Access to employee-related documents such as resumes, appraisals, pay slips can be setup with appropriate security access, and employee information such as salary, leave entitlement, job title, emergency contact and bank details can be maintained, as appropriate, by HR and the employee from within one application, and selectively published to employees’ profiles.

A benefit of using SharePoint as the employee information repository is that it can then become a robust employee self-service (ESS) application handling pay slip distribution, leave and travel approvals, employee onboarding and offboarding and other ESS functions.

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