If you’re not quite ready for the likes of Salesforce or Dynamics CRM Online, but you need a better way to manage customer information, SharePoint may provide the solution. If your customer data is decentralized or confined to spreadsheets, migrating it to SharePoint can provide the foundation for a flexible basic CRM system that can easily be tailored to meet business needs.

Company and contact information stored and managed in SharePoint can provide an effective way to manage related information across sites such as:

  • Meeting Reports – Keep searchable notes about each meeting flagged for scheduled follow-up actions.
  • Opportunities – Proactively manage business opportunities with follow-up actions, and and keep everyone aware of priorities.
  • Proposals – When an opportunity reaches this stage, store, share and track proposal details and related documents.
  • Contracts – For each successful proposal, manage the contract details, and schedule follow-up actions for when the contract us up for renewal.
  • Projects – Plan and track projects and share project status and documents with the customer.
  • Events – Plan and manage customer events.
  • Service Tasks – Track customer service requests.
  • Timesheets – Track support and billable hours.
  • Invoices – Manage invoicing and track payments.
  • Marketing Campaigns – Setup and track email campaigns.

We can help you setup the CRM system that does exactly what you need.

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