SharePoint Solutions

We believe SharePoint is a viable platform for applying structure and automation to the basic business processes that most businesses deal with.

Many small and growing businesses begin by managing information and documents using unstructured and manual processes that eventually, often quickly, get out of hand. Structure and automation are clearly the solution, but should the solution be built or bought? It obviously depends, but undeniably, with the current version of the SharePoint platform, building a tailored web-based solution has never been easier.

Solutions built on SharePoint are generally quick to develop and deploy using an approach that is based on prototyping where stakeholders are closely involved. In our experience, the more our customers become familiar with SharePoint capabilities, the more they leverage its features to effectively streamline their business processes. This also helps to drive adoption and is helping everyone understand the benefits of working in a new way. That’s why we use a proven four-step approach to ensure successful SharePoint adoption.

Here is how we used SharePoint together with Office 365 to addressed basic business processes that most businesses deal with:

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