OneDrive for Business (ODFB), which is included with an Office 365 subscription, is a place for Office 365 users to store, share and sync work files. With ODFB, each Office 365 user can store up to 1TB of data that is accessible from any device with an Internet connection, and offline on devices to which you sync.

Think of ODFB as a cloud drive for each user that is an alternative to the C-drive on a PC. With today’s mobile workforce, people no longer want to be tethered to a single PC at their office in order to access their work files. With ODFB, people can be productive on the go.

OneDrive for Business and Outlook Web App (OWA)

Email attachments are often not the best way to share a file, especially when you want the recipients to always have the latest version of the file. And when you need to collaborate on revisions to a document, distributing a copy as an email attachment makes it very difficult to coordinate and merge changes. Clearly, the better approach to attachments in most cases is to distribute a link to the document.

OneDrive for Business with OWA makes it easy to send a link to a file rather than an attachment:

  • When choosing a file to attach to your email, you are offered to select a file that’s on your OneDrive for Business cloud drive.
  • When you send an attachment from your computer or device, you are offered instead to have the file uploaded your OneDrive for Business cloud drive and share the file as a link to that location.

OneDrive for Business is a safe alternative to PC storage that provides the benefits of secure anywhere access.


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