Office 365 is a set of core cloud-based productivity tools and technologies that every business size needs, to access, share and manage their digital information in the cloud. With Office 365, your employees and business partners can connect and collaborate from anywhere, and on any device.

Office 365 includes business-class email, cloud storage and file sharing, online meetings, private social network, and Office applications, with an affordable monthly subscription, and a financially-backed SLA and technical support.

This set of integrated technologies that in the past were afforded only by larger companies are now essential for smaller businesses to stay on a level playing field with competitors.

Office 365 is an ideal platform for a company of any size, and particularly for start-ups and growing businesses. Per-user subscription plans provide the scalability your growing business needs while allowing for predictable annual costs.

Why go with Born Solutions?

Although you can subscribe to Office 365 yourself, there are many advantages to letting us do it for you, which would NOT affect your subscription costs:

  • We’ll find the best plan for you that suits your needs and your budget.
  • We’ll setup your tenant, services and users.
  • We’ll make sure you can access all your services reliably from all your devices.
  • We’ll provide helpful and personal support beyond just the critical-issue support that Microsoft provides.
  • You’ll  have a partner who cares about your success.
  • You’ll have a partner with a deep understanding of the full Office 365 platform that keeps abreast of developments and keeps you informed.

Here is the latest price breakdown of all Office 365 plans, as of March, 2015 (in $US):

Office 365 Plan Lineup

Office 365 Plan Lineup

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