Bornsolutions has created several bespoke vendor management systems base on our Office 365 for Vendor Management toolkit. Here is an example of an implementation used to prequalify and select consultants and contractors for high-end construction projects using a 2-stage pre-qualification process. Criteria-based search is used to shortlist candidates based on factors such as industry focus and project experience. Excel-based forms are then generated for scoring by the project management, followed by final workflow-based approval of contractor selections by the Project Director.

This system is a mashup of Office 365 Sites were used to manage consultant and contractor information, which was the basis for a scoring system done in a Excel Online spreadsheet that was subject to SharePoint workflow approval.

The consultant and contractor database is a key element of this Project Portal. An Office 365 Sites database provides for a two-stage assessment process to prequalify consultants and contractors for assignment to projects. The Stage-1 assessment is done for all potential consultants and contractors when they are first identified and registered in the database. They are then re-assessed periodically thereafter. The Stage-2 assessment is done by the Project Director at the time the prequalified candidates are being considered for a particular project role.

Consultant and Contractor Prequalification pageFigure 1-1, Consultant and Contractor Pre-qualification page

Contractor and consultant searches are preformed by project managers in the project proposal phase. The pre-qualified list speeds their time to proposal.

Consultant Search pageFigure 1-2, Consultant Search page


Consultant Search page results

Figure 1-3, Consultant Search results page


Finally, vendor comparison reporting is done using Excel Online reports and dashboards.

Contractor Pre-Qualification Recommendation ReportFigure 1-4, Contractor Pre-Qualification Recommendation Report

If you are interested in a demonstration of how this can be fitted for your business, contact us.