Office 365 can provide a place for all of your staff and key partners to share customer related documents without the high per-user and storage costs of CRM. We call it CDM for Customer Document Management.  It can be easily customized to suit the way you would like to work.Office-PPlus

CDM is built on Office 365 and benefits from its anywhere-anyhow access for you and your staff. CDM provides you with a customer document filing system that is fluid enough to serve from proposal to payment. CDM allows you to stay on top of things everyday with calendars, reminders, and summary views. Other benefits include:

  • Much less expensive than comparable CRM fees
  • Easily find documents using search
  • File one document with several category tags
  • Version control and check-out

Finally, CDM is affordable for small and medium sized businesses. It works well in Salesforce environments and fits neatly with Born Solution’s other tools such as:

  • Tools for Service Management
  • Tools for Resource booking
  • Tools for Work Management with its Tasks and checklists
  • And others

Although we built these products for larger businesses, like the Office 365 platform itself, they provide huge value to small and medium sized businesses.

For a demonstration of how this can be fitted for your business, contact us.