Who We Are

We are SharePoint and Office 365 consultants based in Hong Kong who help businesses increase productivity and reduce IT costs with solutions built on top of SharePoint, Office 365, and Azure.

We’re passionate about helping SMB’s and start-ups to take advantage of Office 365 and SharePoint – the indispensable platform for SMB’s, and the future of office productivity.

We are a Microsoft Partner with Silver competency in Collaboration and Content, and all of our team members are Microsoft Certified Professionals with specialization in SharePoint and Office 365. We are one of the few companies in Hong Kong who truly specialize in SharePoint implementations and development.

Our Story

As project management software specialists with software development backgrounds, we took on our first SharePoint project in 2007 to setup an intranet and project management portal for a 250-employee project management consulting company. As with many of our later customers, we took on the task of setting up and supporting the entire hardware and software infrastructure that SharePoint needed. We then developed a project management information system that included customer-facing project and program sites, and an employee portal that included timekeeping, leave and travel management and much more. We’re proud to say that this system remained in use and was enhanced over a seven-year period until we setup Office 365 for the customer and migrated the customer to it.

We went on to work with many other companies over the years that wanted to take advantage of SharePoint to better manage projects and streamline their business processes. But as with our first customer, we used to spend a significant amount of our time, and our customer’s budget, on setting up SharePoint.

Then in 2012, when SharePoint Online became available as part of Office 365, we were smitten. We now had the potential to get customers up and running with SharePoint in weeks or even days, allowing us to focus on their business requirements at the outset. Add to that the comprehensive integrated solution that Office 365 provides, and we simply haven’t looked back.

Our SharePoint approach

Because SharePoint is a powerful, flexible and feature-rich application, effectively knowing what is appropriate for a task at hand requires extensive knowledge and experience. We always make best use of built-in SharePoint features, but when something more is needed, we’ll design and build a custom solution that leverages as much of what’s built-in as possible or uses other already prebuilt tools.

Our Method

“If we build it they will come” – That line could have worked for Kevin Costner character in Field of Dreams, but such approach can prove disastrous for a SharePoint or Office 365 project. The existence of tools, regardless of how good they are, does not guaranty their usage. A successful Office 365 or SharePoint implementation focuses on driving adoption and helping everyone understand the benefits of working in a new way. That’s why we use a proven four-step approach to ensure successful Office 365 adoption:

  1. Define a clear vision, identify desired business scenarios
  2. Prioritize solutions, create a plan
  3. Commit resources, execute a plan
  4. Measure, share success, and iterate


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